REIA 2023 Graduate Scholarship (Deadline DePaul & Roosevelt 8/11/23)


The annual REIA scholarship is being offered to engage and support commercial real estate professionals as they complete an industry specific graduate-level academic program. REIA is looking for promising commercial real estate professionals to join our organization and participate as a member of our collaborative community. 

Scholarship recipients will receive $5000 towards the cost of their education.

Scholarship winners and applicants achieving honorable mention will be invited to join REIA at no cost in the coming calendar year. All potential applicants are encouraged to attend REIA programming as guests and interact with membership. Participation is strongly encouraged for applicants, please join us at an upcoming program and take a moment to introduce yourself.  


The 2023 scholarship is available to all students currently enrolled in a commercial real estate specific graduate-level program at participating universities. Candidates are working students and employed full-time in the commercial real estate industry. Both enrollment and industry participation are requisite.

REIA is pleased to announce both DePaul’s Kellstadt School of Business and Roosevelt University’s  Marshall Bennett Institute of Real Estate as our academic partners and participating academic programs for the 2023-2024 term.

Selection Criteria 

Selection will consider professional and academic success along with a candidate’s perceived desire and ability to benefit from and contribute to REIA. We are seeking professionals who will actively participate in programming and thrive in our networking environment. Successful applicants can demonstrate a disposition towards developing and maintaining a professional network. Applicants should be able to explain how they will benefit from membership. Interaction is strongly encouraged and considered in selection. Applicants are encouraged to attend programming and introduce themselves to the membership. Other general criteria include:

     ▪ Professional experience and current role within the industry 
     ▪ Graduate and undergraduate coursework and academic success 
     ▪ Career and personal interests 
     ▪ Prior involvement in professional associations, networking communities, social organizations and/or      other leadership roles 

Applications will be accepted through August 11, 2023 for DePaul and Roosevelt students. Scholarship awards and honorable mention will be announced by September 5, 2023. 


Applications may be found on the REIA website, Completed applications and related materials may be emailed directly to [email protected], please ensure the applicant’s name is noted in the subject line of the submission email(s). 

To be considered for the 2023 scholarship, applicants must submit all materials by 8/11/23 for DePaul and Roosevelt students. Incomplete applications may not be considered. Questions and clarifying emails are welcome. 

As a supplement to the traditional application, candidates will have a Zoom interview. Please be prepared to answer one of the following free-response questions: 

  1. How will you benefit from your interaction with the REIA community and what role has professional networking played throughout your career? 
  2. Describe why you are deserving of a scholarship as it applies to your short and long term goals as a student and as a professional. 
  3. Have you been involved in a professional network and how were you able to participate and contribute? 
  4. What have you learned from your professional experience and how does it relate to REIA and the broader commercial real estate industry? 

Applicants should prepare and include the following materials: 

     ▪ REIA scholarship application 
     ▪ A short writing sample in response to one of the above free-response questions (no more than 500       words) 
     ▪ Current resume or link to LinkedIn profile
     ▪ Unofficial graduate and undergraduate transcripts 
     ▪ Two (2) brief letters of recommendation, one professional and one academic (Please do not include department heads)
     ▪ Any additional materials such as professional certifications, academic or professional accolades or     other distinguishing information 

Please reach out to your academic advisor or to us directly at [email protected] for additional info. Good luck in your studies and come join us at our next scheduled event, a schedule of events may be found at 

Scholarship Application DePaul - CLICK HERE

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Scholarship Application Roosevelt - CLICK HERE

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