Who we are:

REIA is comprised of a unique mix of some of the brightest, most visionary real estate investment entrepreneurs and professionals in the Chicagoland real estate industry. The formation of REIA was driven by our desire to address the interests and needs of all real estate investors, regardless of the form of ownership.  Our membership includes professionals involved in all aspects of real estate transactions, all types of real estate properties, and the vendors that support the real estate industry. 

REIA Mission Statement

REIA’s mission is to offer the very best venue to meet industry peers, develop real estate opportunities and make deals happen. REIA truly is “where deals and capital meet”.

  1. To facilitate  business and social networking opportunities for the real estate professionals
  2. To provide a forum for the exchange of the most relevant and timely investment ideas, structures, and innovations critical to success of the real estate professional
  3. To foster the creation of capital formation in all areas of real estate investment
  4. To support the real estate academic community
  5. Industry advocacy