Mark Sullivan Biography

Mark Sullivan
First Vice President
Partner, SGW Architecture & Design





Mark Sullivan is a partner and foundering member of SGW Architecture & Design (SGW), an architectural and urban design firm since 1994. Mark has cultivated the two person firm to include 35 architects and designers. He has designed mixed-use retail/residential projects, commercial and self-storage prototypes, office interiors and master planning of TND and TOD developments. Since its creation SGW has designed more than 1,000 projects of its type; containing over 2,500 residential units and thousands of square feet of retail/commercial space in Chicago and throughout the country. Mark has been awarded numerous accolades from his professional peers; Association of Licensed Architects, City of Chicago of the Mayor, Pre-cast Institute of America and The Homebuilders Association of Greater Chicago. Throughout the decade, Mark has served in numerous trade organizations, as well as a regional director for the Chicago Homebuilders Association. Mark graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture degree in design from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1985. He is a licensed Architect in Illinois and eight other states. He currently resides in Chicago and is an avid golfer.